Meet the Team

Kaos Live is only possible thanks to our small, but committed team:

Image of Rhianon Lovelace, First in the Air in Celebration.

Rhianon Lovelace – Lb for Lb Strongest Woman in the World and 3x Worlds Strongest Woman, co-owner of the Kaos Strength Businesses. Widely regarded as the Lw G.O.A.T, Rhianon is passionate about growing the sport and opportunities for all.

Luke Davies – Crowned Wales Strongest Man across several weight categories, he was the first U105 in history to Deadlift 900lb and co-owner of all Kaos Strength Businesses. Luke is renowned for his vision for the future of the Sport and creating clear and fair pathways for all.

Naomi Fegan – Successful self-starter of Naomi Fegan Productions, The UK-Wide Strongman Photography business.

Alex Lee – Technical Manager, Stream Coordinator, Website Design, Infrastructure setup & On-The-Day Camera Operator.